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SEO positioning, that element that everyone wants to conquer for their business but that very few understand how it works and how it should work. We want to give you the vision that, based on our own experience, we believe is where SEO positioning is going to advance in the coming years and how you should work your strategy to achieve quick results.


Just because we try to teach you a “shortcut” so that your SEO work will pay off as quickly as possible does not mean that it will be easy. In fact, SEO positioning is always a long-term job that, well done, will provide you with constant and qualified traffic to your website. Remember that the most important thing is that the organic traffic you attract to your website is qualified, because it is useless to have thousands of visits from people who are not interested in what you do because they will never buy from you.


Since the Google search engine was presented in 1998, all companies started a "war" so that their web pages would appear positioned in the first results of the searches carried out by