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SEO positioning, that element that everyone wants to conquer for their business but that very few understand how it works and how it should work. We want to give you the vision that, based on our own experience, we believe is where SEO positioning is going to advance in the coming years and how you should work your strategy to achieve quick results.

Just because we try to teach you a “shortcut” so that your SEO work will pay off as quickly as possible does not mean that it will be easy. In fact, SEO positioning is always a long-term job that, well done, will provide you with constant and qualified traffic to your website. Remember that the most important thing is that the organic traffic you attract to your website is qualified, because it is useless to have thousands of visits from people who are not interested in what you do because they will never buy from you.

Since the Google search engine was presented in 1998, all companies started a "war" so that their web pages would appear positioned in the first results of the searches carried out by users so that they could know what their products and services are and try to convince them that they were the best at what they did. Online purchases at that time are not like today in which the consumer is already more used to making them, so the fundamental objective that was sought was the exposure of your brand.

Conquering the throne of Google and occupying the first results has never been easy. Today, if your business does not yet have an online presence with regularly updated content, it is even more difficult. Why? For a simple reason and that is that since 1998 Google has been indexing millions of web pages around the world and trying to get into a position now in highly competitive niches is almost an impossible task since there are thousands of web pages that are years ahead of us with positioned articles in the first places.

And how can we do to position ourselves faster? Through the videos on YouTube. This platform is the 2nd most important search engine after Google, that means that our prospects also look for how to solve their problems through this website. Although today almost all companies know the importance of having a well-positioned website on the Internet, most of them are completely forgetting the billions of searches that are also made on YouTube and that they are wasting. The competition on YouTube, although it exists, is much less than on Google. At the time of writing these lines, if we type "business on the internet" in Google, almost 44 MILLION results appear. On the other hand, if we write those same words on YouTube, the results do not reach 900,000. It is a brutal difference!

What do you prefer, try to compete to be the # 1 result against 44 million competitors or 900,000? Where do you think it will be easier to position yourself? Of course, although we recommend that you start by positioning your videos to attract visitors, we are not saying that it is a walk. You must know what the rules are and we will teach you all of them in our Master in Video Marketing. Your mission, from the moment you read this chapter, will be to start generating content on YouTube and optimizing it correctly so that you can position yourself based on the main keywords of your business through this search engine. And it is that if you do the optimization correctly, you will not only position yourself # 1 in YouTube results, but you will also do it in Google.

Basic tips to rank # 1 on YouTube

Now we want to give you some basic tips on how you should optimize the content of your videos on YouTube for the first places in the ranking. If you want to know more advanced strategies, we recommend that you join our Master in VideoMarketing training program where you will learn all our secrets.

Step # 1: Search for your main keyword Use tools such as Google's keyword tool or YouTube's own search engine to find keywords that attract your audience to your content. Start by looking at general words and then break them down into much more specific segments. Select one of these more specific keywords and create a video.

Step # 2: Create your video title Integrate the main keyword or keywords in the title of your video in a concise way that makes sense in Spanish. Remember that, although we want YouTube and Google to favor us by being “machines”, our content is aimed at people. Think about what that person would look for on YouTube if they wanted to solve a problem that you solve in your content.

Step # 3: Add a detailed description. This is one of the most forgotten points in SEO optimization of videos and it is one of the most important. So far YouTube is not capable of transforming what you say in the video into text format, so take advantage of the up to 5,000 characters that the platform allows you to explain in detail what you say in audiovisual format. Use your keywords in the first 3-5 lines of text and try to integrate other secondary keywords to rank them. Do not forget to place your url at the beginning and links to web and social networks.

Step # 4: Include keywords in the tags. Include your two main keywords at the beginning of the tags and then include the rest of the secondary keywords according to the order of importance in which you want to position them. The former will always have more opportunity to position themselves than the latter. Keep this in mind when optimizing your video correctly.

If you execute this technique correctly, you will not only easily position yourself on YouTube, but it will also be easier for you to do it on Google. Take the test and tell us! We have already done it with our clients and the results have been incredible. Thinking about the long-term future of your business, we recommend that you integrate YouTube Marketing as part of your strategic plan. Video is becoming a more powerful tool and you should bear in mind that millennials come from behind who are users who have grown up watching YouTube and are digital natives. If you start working now on a strategy with videos in which you generate engagement with them, when they become adults with sufficient purchasing power, they will have you in their top of mind when it comes to buying.

At ACOUSTIC COMUNICACIÓN we have a team of professionals who can advise you on the conception of the idea, the implementation of your audiovisual project until its distribution. With years of experience you can trust that your brand or product will be in the best hands.

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Content by Borja Montón & Víctor Lachica.



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