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We are the audiovisual production company

for video, animation, audio, dubbing & events.


At ACOUSTIC COMMUNICATIONS GROUP we're dedicated to create and produce entertainment media for companies, institutions and organizations, we're also dedicated to produce communication pieces for all types of media and applications, support tools for marketing, sales and education departments of companies and entities that seek excellence through extraordinary quality, new technologies and creativity.


We are a Production Center with 4 specialized divisions: TV, Film & Animation, Dubbing, Subtitling & Audio Description, Audio & Music and Events.

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How We Work

For more than 28 years, the challenges that our clients have demanded have been countless; but our work as a multidisciplinary team has resolved its communication objectives and have always been finalized with optimal results.

We supply the needs of companies, entities and organizations that look for new and innovative things, offering integrated ideas and solutions at all levels, developing projects that impact society in the global scope, gathering for this the disciplines involved in communication and development processes of messages.

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Production Services

We are a team of experience people, who love their work and strive to be for the benefit of the most important: OUR CLIENTS who make up our largest and most important capital, and for whom we invest and train in new audiovisual and marketing technologies


​We are professionals in video production and digital cinema, corporate videos, animated videos, educational videos, videos for brands, specializing in dubbing, subtitling, audio description, recording of radio ads, commercial jingles for radio and  events organization.

​Musicians, singers, actors, announcers, audio technicians and engineers, video editors, professional colorists, cameramen, screenwriters, gaffers, lighting technicians, producers, national and international directors, graphic designers, animators, photographers and technical staff, make our organization a collective of talents at your service.

  Our Clients

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Their satisfaction inspires us!

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