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Why do you need to use video marketing?

Without a doubt, video marketing is extremely important, and should be part of the promotional toolbox of any company, small or large. Although… it is possible that you have your doubts and may object. Is it really worth considering the use of videos to promote my business? Do I have enough resources to create and use video content in my marketing strategy? The answer is simple: yes, it is worth it. Not just because everyone is doing it, but because video is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools out there. Here we share some compelling reasons why you should use video marketing right now.

Video increases conversions and sales.

The first is the first. Videos can earn you a lot of money. Adding a product video to your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. And the production specialists here at ACOUSTIC COMUNICACIÓN will always make sure your video works great, regardless of which category you implement it in.

Video can also generate sales directly. Serious studies by BLOOMBERG MEDIA show that 74% of users who saw an explanatory video about a product bought it later. Given this, what are you waiting for to hire the production of your exciting product videos? If you think about it, the effectiveness of the video is more than surprising. After all, sight is our most dominant sense, and most of the information transmitted to our brain is visual. So if images make a big impact, imagine what moving images can do for your business.

Video brings extraordinary ROI.

To get you even more excited, 83% of companies say video provides a good return on investment. Even though professional video production is neither easy nor the cheapest task, it is worth it.

El video genera confianza.

Trust is the foundation of conversions and sales. But building trust should be a goal in itself. The whole concept of content marketing is built on trust and building long-term relationships. For a moment, stop focusing only on sales and allow people to reach out to your brand by providing them with interesting and useful information.

Promotional videos can also build trust. Some consumers are still skeptical about buying products and services on the Internet because they fear fraud and cheating. But effective professional marketing videos present your products in the form of conversation. That creates a sense of individual focus, which is why 57% of consumers say that the videos gave them more confidence to buy online.

Google loves videos!

Videos allow you to increase the time visitors spend on your site. Therefore, a longer exposure builds trust and signals to search engines that your site has good content. Your website will be 53 times more likely to appear first on Google if it has an embedded video. Since Google owns YouTube, there has been a significant increase in the number of videos affecting its search engine ranking.

Make sure to optimize your YouTube videos for SEO. Write interesting titles and descriptions. Add a link to your website, products and services. Give potential customers a way to take the next step.

Mobile loves videos.

Video and mobile go hand in hand. 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile device. Since the third quarter of 2013, mobile video views increased more than 233 percent. YouTube reports that mobile video consumption is increasing 100% each year. Since people like to watch videos on the go, and the number of smartphone users is growing, their video audience keeps growing more and more.

Additionally, Google tells us that smartphone users are twice as likely as television viewers and 1.4 times more likely than desktop viewers to have a sense of personal connection with brands that show video content or ads in their ads. devices. The growth of mobile video means that brands must be sensitive to the personal experience that people have on their smartphones. For example, give them a better choice in the video content they consume.

Video marketing can explain everything

Launching a new product or service? Produce a video to show how it works. 98% of users say they have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. That's why 45% of companies that use video marketing said they have an explainer video on their home page. Of those companies, 83% said the explainer video on their home page was effective.

Trying to explain a difficult concept? Produce an animated video and if it is in 2D Better! Animation can bring concepts to life that no live text or video can do. Animated videos are a perfect combination of entertainment, nostalgia, and simplicity. And they work very well.

Video attracts even the laziest shoppers

Video is a great tool for learning, but it is also very easy to consume. Today's life is too busy to have time to read lengthy product descriptions or delve into services. The modern customer wants to see the product in action. Video preference is one of the most important driving forces behind using video in your content marketing.

Video marketing can capture a wide audience and it works on many levels. Even the laziest. Make sure to target not only the eyes but also the ears of the potential customer. Your competitive advantage will give you double the power!

Video promotes social sharing

Social media also promotes video content with its new features. Facebook has launched 3600 Video, Live Video, and Lifestage (an app focused on teen videos). Instagram for a long time, released the 60-second videos and Instagram stories, Twitter has Periscope. And YouTube is the second most popular social network in the world. However, in the context of social media, video marketers need to remember that people share emotions, not facts. 76% of users say they would share a branded video with their friends if it was entertaining. So produce fun and entertaining videos to encourage social sharing. Emotions aren't exactly return on investment, but social shares can increase traffic to your site, and you'll be able to tap into its full potential from there.

Bonus Tip 1: Video Ads Work Wonders

Read this right: The average click-through rate for video ads is 1.84%. That's the highest CTR of all digital ad formats! And for a 15-second YouTube video ad that can't be skipped, the completion rate is 92%. For skippable video ads, the rate is 9%. Video ads are also very effective on social media platforms. Facebook, along with Nielsen, projected the value of video ads on its platform. They found that 74% of the total ad recall can be achieved already within the first 10 seconds of the video. So fight banner blindness by producing video ads.

Bonus Tip 2: Video Is Moving Email Campaigns

When you're already creating videos, be sure to incorporate them into your email marketing campaigns. An introductory email that includes a video receives a 96% click-through rate increase! That's a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition and get your message across.

The 7 best video trends for 2021.

1. Most consumers will prefer video content to reading. Consumer preference will lead to an explosion of video in content marketing. Video will be used more for conversion and lead generation. Many potential buyers don't want to talk to sellers, and this is where video can influence sales in later stages. 2. The quality of the content and production will be very important, a better production quality is correlated with greater confidence and the trend is that the clairvoyant video will be more demanding in this regard, partly influenced by the quality content in production that is scheduled. on pay TV; But BEWARE! Because that cannot compensate for the lack of substance, so you have to ensure that your script is relevant and substantial. 3. This will lead brands to start thinking strategically about video. How different video formats and channels can support each other. How to create foundational video content that can be atomized, expanded, and combined with other content formats. You will need to find ways to get the most out of your videos. 4. Evidence in video marketing. There are no set general rules. When brands are discovering their approach to video, it will take a lot of experimentation. Long versions vs. short on different channels. animation, animated infographics, filmed videos, with actors, etc.

5. Videos should be optimized for specific platforms and different types of use. For example, sometimes you will need to share the videos without sound and with subtitles or on-screen text that convey the message when the environment does not allow audio (Such as on digital screens, elevator screens, BRT transportation systems, etc.) "Something curious": According to research, television ads show better message recall when the ad has subtitles in the same language. 6. Due to Pandemic 2.0 and its aftermath, live video broadcasts will continue to become an important part of video content. Both in its original live format and through the promotion of recorded material after the event. Holding live video events for your audience, conducting a live Q&A, and influencer interviews will be day-to-day and help engage and build brand awareness. 7. Video = YouTube. Facebook will try to take the lead from YouTube, but YouTube is a great place for brands and independent content creators to build following and loyalty. On YouTube, monetization is clear and unimpeded, on Facebook it is very confusing and not at all clear; coupled with the fact that, to catch up with YouTube, you will need to find a way to attract big stars from that social network to your platform, something that today seems very, very far away.


Video advertising is becoming more affordable and on the rise. The adoption of video is growing partly due to technological advances, but also because it is easy to spread around the world. Making marketing videos for your business requires creativity and knowledge of human psychology and at ACOUSTIC COMUNICACIÓN we offer you the perfect cocktail with the necessary ingredients to produce impressive advertising videos at reasonable costs. Backed by a team of audiovisual creatives, scriptwriters, video producers, audio technicians, animators and communication professionals who guarantee total satisfaction. If you are an innovator and want to attract new customers, create new markets and make more money, a professional video creative is the most practical way to achieve your goals, without exhausting your budget. For more information write to us at: Or call us: PBX (502) 6610-6000


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