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The videos that increase the sales of your business.

We have already discussed the power of video to sell and reach more customers and thus increase the value of your business or organization.

Today we share the different types of videos that we can produce for your company according to the type of content and audience.

There are many types of videos but in this article we present the 9 most important and most useful videos for your company or organization.

Informative Videos

This type of piece usually summarizes the activity of a company and its line of business or activity. It is very attractive to offer customers a very complete view of the business in just a few minutes. Its objective is to build customer loyalty or publicize the company and its most recent achievements or capabilities. It usually appears at the beginning of a business or organizational web page.

Product Presentation Videos

Because video is a powerful tool to capture attention and synthesize information, it is often used to show in detail all the characteristics of a product, being much more attractive and effective than any brochure or catalog. This type of video can be very useful for an ecommerce for example, since it can speed up the final purchase decision, having shown the customer the product in a way that is very close to reality. The presentation video of a product can be done on any item or service. The video is usually released before the product begins to be marketed to cause expectation and curiosity in customers.

Video Catalog

This video is very popular with textile and manufacturing companies. They have a narrative thread and an artistic component that is often reminiscent of video clips. It is very attractive and easy to see and can support sales in combination with an offline catalog.

Advertising Videos

This type of video is to simulate any advertisement that can be found in traditional media, but it has the benefit that it can be longer without having to pay much more for it, although the recommendation is that the more synthesized your information is. the more successful your video will be. In addition to this, sharing and distributing it on different online platforms and social networks will not involve a large outlay of money and it will reach more audiences. This type of video can be compatible with traditional media ads.

Tutorial videos

These types of videos offer more detailed content, since they are used to explain, for example, the operation of a service, product or a computer program. The more information customers are offered through videos, the more insight they will gain from the company, which will translate into greater trust in their products. If your audience sees how easy your service is to use, you can drive more sales. These types of videos are the ones that work best on platforms like YouTube.

Demonstrative Videos

The demonstration videos are similar to the tutorials, but they highlight the benefits and effectiveness of the new product over and above its performance. This type of video is a mix between the video tutorial and the advertising one. They can be accompanied by other strategies such as infographics. It is common to find these videos on the internet, but we can also see them on the screens of shopping centers or large hardware stores.

Testimonial Videos

The testimonial videos consist of former clients telling about their experience with a product or service of the company through a series of interviews. These types of videos are used to generate confidence and security in new clients.

Training Videos

Training videos are often used by large companies to explain their operation and to publicize the quality of their products through their manufacturing processes. Typically, the video focuses on the manufacturing process rather than product marketing, but it can cover the entire development.

Institutional Videos and Corporate Culture

Its objective is to achieve a good image of the company by highlighting all the benefits it brings. It is usually narrated from his birth to his greatest achievements. You can count on worker interviews to reflect the good work environment. They manage to enhance a strong corporate culture and generate pride in belonging to the company. This type of video can also be used to recruit talent for the company.

At ACOUSTIC COMUNICACIÓN we have a staff of audiovisual production professionals supported by the best technical resources, which will make your video an indispensable marketing and sales tool for your business or organization. Don't miss out on the opportunity to impact your customers and your audiences! And show the best of your brand, product or service.

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