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Advantages of using drones - In Video Production and Events.

Video has found in the use of drones a new way to "literally" add an innovative visual perspective to professional video production.

Drone videography has become the most popular trend in audiovisual content production and event marketing, specifically in recent years, providing a unique and attractive way to capture unpublished video images, which brings benefits significant to brands and organizations. Taking into account that video is the segment with the highest growth and with the best performance in all social platforms, the incorporation of drones for the generation of audiovisual content could be key to consolidating the brand image in the production of promotional and corporate material. and institutional, as well as pieces of communication for dissemination in mass media.

Drones have made aerial videography much simpler and of extraordinary quality.

En este artículo, echamos un vistazo a algunas de las formas en que los videos producidos con drones pueden ayudar a impulsar su marca o producto y conseguir una mayor participación en sus esfuerzos de consolidar su marketing.

The two SUPER unique shots of a drone.

Aerial shots

Before the use of commercial drones, the only way to produce an aerial shot was to rent a helicopter from a licensed pilot, and lift them into the air at the perfect time. This required not only significant expense, but also licensing requirements, flight plan registration, time, etc. In the end, the whole process was very resource consuming.

Drones have made aerial videography much simpler and of extraordinary quality, while being available at significantly less cost than when using helicopter services.

Shots in motion

Drone videography is especially popular for video production that has a lot of fast action. Without getting in the way, we can bring a drone closer to the action, and it can move and fly around the track or place, as this video for the Jean Alesi E-Sports academy in Italy shows us, which mixes images in locations, indoors. in vehicles and drones:

The drone will always be closer than the photographer, while allowing us to capture photos and videos at the same time. Of course, to produce incredible images, you need a professional level of knowledge in recording and post production, and that comes at a cost, but the price of recording per day with a drone does not compare with the high costs of renting a helicopter and auxiliary equipment for camera.

Drone videography for event marketing

Here, we share some of the ideas that we have implemented for some of our clients, with which we can undoubtedly support their brand, product or event: Take panoramic shots of everything that happens during the event (Or before and after). This captures the whole experience in an eye-catching way; which your audience will love for sure.

Live stream the event as you go, recording from various angles and heights for super immersive video that your home audience can watch even if they were unable to attend the event. The live broadcast also works very well, if there are giant screens inside the event, which will give attendees a more complete and impressive experience.

Produce a “Behind the Scenes” while preparing for the event. Aerial photos of a stage or event in preparation, or a production in progress, can be a great way to build excitement before the event. Aerial photos or close-up shots that you can use in marketing materials for your next event. Professional photography can raise the perception of the quality of an event, and that will ensure that the next time you can attract even more clients, and perhaps even at a higher price. We put the drone on its show. Installing giant screens inside the venue, to impact and motivate attendees to see other parts of the stage or place, for a unique immersion experience. Drone videography can also work well to highlight a sponsor's participation in an event. You can use drone shots to show where the sponsor's booth is, where their signage is, or how they are participating. This works especially well if you are not organizing the event yourself, but want to create a viral impact from all your participation.

Unlimited Audiovisual Versatility.

Today, drones produce high-quality images and photos, while saving you time and money compared to other aerial video options. With unlimited versatility, you can do anything with drones, from videos of all kinds and for all occasions, to placing them in events as we mentioned before; The results can be surprising, generating the much coveted “call to action” and creating brand awareness on social channels. If you're looking for ways to add another angle and height to your communication, the potential of drone photography and video is worth considering.

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